We’ve included the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below. (Last modified: June, 2024)


At Cherry Creek West, we’re creating a vibrant, people-centric community that celebrates the outdoors, embraces the creek and connects the existing neighborhoods together. This is a place dedicated to people and the environment.  

It will be the social heart of an already thriving neighborhood that fosters recreation, health, innovation and connectedness. Cherry Creek West will span from University Blvd. to Clayton St. and from 1st Ave. to the Cherry Creek waterway.

• 4 City blocks
• A 15 minute stroll or bike ride to everything you need
• 7 Buildings featuring office, residential and retail
• 4 acres of open space (that’s 41% of the buildable area!) with a large open green space, market square and space for the farmers’ market and other events
• 2 Levels of shared parking

East West Partners, a Colorado-based developer, has been dedicated to creating terrific places that add value to the communities in which we live and work for almost 40 years. Here in Denver, this includes Riverfront Park and  Denver’s Union Station Neighborhood. We believe our ‘community-first’ mindset uniquely positions us to lead the re-imagination of this people-first development and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to life. The design process is being led by the accomplished teams of Design Workshop and Gensler.

First and foremost, Cherry Creek West will create a meaningful connection from the surrounding area to the creek for the first time. Cherry Creek West will also create a new gateway to the neighborhood at 1st Avenue and University, and with that, reconnect the whole neighborhood to the creek. We have committed to work with the City and other stakeholders on improvements adjacent to the waterway. 

Right now, preliminary plans include seven buildings.

The design of our buildings has not yet begun, but they will be thoughtfully curated in a way that seeks to add to the character of the existing neighborhood. We are planning for buildings that range from 8 – 13 stories. We based this on City plans to-date that already suggest that a regional center of approximately 12 stories is consistent with the City’s vision, and our rezoning document limits our heights to 13 stories, or 168 feet in height (well under the Cranmer View Corridor). In addition, there are requirements for us to set back buildings as they go up in height, and to provide transparency and active uses at the ground floor. Finally, we are also submitting our buildings to the Cherry Creek Design Review Standards, which are being updated to include our property. Each building is conceptually designed to be unique, however, and we expect the buildings will vary in height across the neighborhood.

While the goal is to begin pre-construction in Summer 2025, many factors will influence when it will start. The larger construction process is likely to begin in 2026. We will make every effort to minimize the impact on the surrounding roads. In addition, maintaining good vehicle access to the shopping center is a priority for us, and we will keep access open throughout our construction process. We are still working through the phasing plans, and anticipate construction of the entire project to take 10 years to complete. We will keep the community apprised as updates become available.

Cherry Creek West will be built in 2 phases. Phase 1 delivers:
• Connection to Cherry Creek North
• Connection to the Creek
• Neighborhood’s new front yard
• Bike and pedestrian amenities
• New workplaces and homes (affordable + market-rate)
• New restaurants and services

While Phase 1 is under construction, our contractor will be able to park on the Phase 2 land and in the Shopping Center garage. When Phase 2 is under construction, there will be parking in the Phase 1 garage and Shopping Center garage.

We’ve been in regular communication with Elway’s and our goal is to keep the restaurant in our neighborhood long-term. Fleet Feet is moving into the shopping center.

The farmers’ market is a long-time Cherry Creek tradition. The redevelopment plan conceptually includes a space for the farmers’ market that will provide an even better shopping experience for visitors and vendors. We hope to build upon the great success of the farmers’ market and believe the new environment will enhance the overall experience. For 2024 and likely a while thereafter while we’re under construction, this market is moving to the east end of the shopping center property.

At Cherry Creek West, we’re creating a vibrant, people-centric place that celebrates the outdoors, embraces the creek and connects the existing neighborhood together.  Between the buildings, there will be open spaces for people to linger, exercise, and enjoy new activities and experiences, and we are looking to make those as pedestrian centric as possible. Ample parking will be provided through a combination of above- and below-ground parking accessed near the perimeters of the site.

As Denver and the neighboring towns continue to develop and grow, traffic in the Cherry Creek neighborhood will increase. The short answer is yes, but not as much as you might expect. In 2024, we completed a traffic study with nationally renowned firm, Fehr and Peers, using standards agreed to with the city. These show that the impact of our development, when complete in 10 years, will only increase traffic by 5% at 1st and University, when accounting for the traffic that was previously generated by the single use, large box retail stores located there.

We believe the best way to minimize traffic is to create places where people can live, work, and play all in one spot without having to drive far to do so. We are hoping that by building a truly 15-minute community, people will need to get in their cars less and choose to travel by foot, bike, or other methods more.

Traffic Demand Management (TDM) is typically accomplished on a building-by-building basis. In coordination with Transportation Solutions and the City, we are piloting a site-wide approach and making early commitments, ahead of what is required. We are targeting a 20% total reduction in trips through a menu of TDM strategies, well in excess of the City’s 12% requirement, because we recognize this is important.

In addition, as a part of our traffic and mobility plan, we have committed to making several nearby and off-site intersection improvements:
• At 1st and Clayton, a new and enhanced pedestrian and bicycle crossing will be added to the western side of the intersection, as there is no pedestrian or bicycle crossing there today.
• We also understand traffic queuing on southbound University to turn left onto Cherry Creek North Drive and Cherry Creek South Drive is a concern. Therefore, we will be extending the left turn lane at the University and Cherry Creek North Drive intersection by approximately 100 feet to improve safety and queuing function.
• Lastly, the Cherry Creek Trail, University Blvd, 1st Avenue, Clayton, and Cherry Creek North Drive will all undergo significant improvements.

We will build 12% of the homes at Cherry Creek West as affordable housing, which is approximately 100 units. We have met with business owners, workers, and stakeholders in the neighborhood to ensure that the level of affordability built enables the people who currently work in the neighborhood to live at Cherry Creek West. We are providing these residences for those earning 60% of the area median income, which in 2023 was approximately $52,000 for a single-person household and $59,000 for a two-person household. For larger household income levels, please refer to the City’s website.

In addition, we have worked collaboratively with the Department of Housing Stability (HOST) and proposed to the City that we would pay a 2x commercial linkage fee on all the office buildings at Cherry Creek West. This sizable fee goes above the City’s requirements and will enable the City to build affordable units in other areas of need as well.

We can’t wait to connect with you! The best way to stay engaged is to sign up for updates on our website – CherryCreekWest.com

We announce public meetings as well as any other updates on the public process, and the City will do the same on their website. There will be many opportunities to provide feedback and we welcome it!